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June 2017 Fishing Forecast For San Diego


June 2017 Forecast



June 2017 Forecast

The first day of summer is Tuesday, June 20th and with that the offshore fishing scene will only continue to get better. The water temperatures will continue to slowly get warmer and warmer for many months to come. This has been a long awaited time for many of our repeat offshore customers.

The Rock fishing will continue to be good to excellent with decreasing boat pressure due to many local anglers fishing offshore. This will give the coastal angler an added advantage of catching various Rockfish, Lingcod, Halibut, Calico Bass, Bonito, Barracuda and some quality Yellowtail.

The Offshore fishing has gotten off to an early start and will only get better each month. More and more Bluefin, Yellowfin and Yellowtail will continue to migrate into our local banks in larger numbers, which will make for some outstanding offshore fishing.
As I mentioned last month and say again this month, each year I hear the disappointment on the phone when anglers call but wait too long to book their trips and we already have the dates they want booked. Consider booking your trips earlier this year as our calendar is filling up for the 2017-fishing season.
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Capt. Chris