Captain Chris takes extreme pride in offering a top notch charter service here in San Diego and our customers appreciate it. Here are a few customer testimonials from this year. If you have fished with Chris and please leave us a review HERE.

Hi Chris,

Apologies for the delay in getting this feedback to you, but going back to work and having a two-year old can, unfortunately, push the vacation into the background very quickly. That said, the memories are fresh and they
are great ones.

I want to let you know that of the 6 ocean fishing trips I've been on this was unquestionably one of the best. From the booking of the trip all the way through to the end it was a top-notch professional operation. You and your team made my wife and I feel welcome and treated us so very well. We greatly appreciate the kind of business you run.

Also, a word about Matt and John. Those are two absolutely solid citizens right there! They are really great guys to be around and we thoroughly enjoyed hanging with them for the day. We especially enjoyed watching them work because they are also both consummate pros and know their work inside and out. It was a real pleasure to spend the day with two masters of their craft.

Lastly, the fishing. Again it was one of the best days we've had on the ocean. I think the final tally was 31 fish. For a three-quarter day it was just perfect, a little bit of time to reflect and take in the ocean in between the constant bites throughout the day...really couldn't ask for more. I've already hooked up my family and one friend with some of our catch and we still have plenty for us, and it's delicious!

Much thanks to you and John and Matt! Ruby and I will see you guys in the summer. Let's go after dorado and marlin next time! All the best!

--- Karl
I was out there for the first time ever on the ocean. Brian and Matt were fantastic. Talked me through my ignorance with the utmost patience and calm kindness. The trip was an "epic" trip to the veteran fisherman on our trip, and absolutely incredible to me. I can't begin to express my admiration and gratitude to Tom, Chris, and especially Brian and Matt. Hands down the most amazing and unexpected trip of my life. 10 out of 5 stars. I can't wait to take my family out to experience the best guide / captain / fishermen and friends AMERICA has to offer! If you book anywhere else you are making a huge mistake. Colettas is the only place I will, and you should, ever go. Amazing experience. Thanks Brian, thanks Matt, and thanks Chris. I can't wait to get back! --- Jory B.
Captain Coletta and team are top notch! My friends and I came out from Colorado in hopes of catching the big one. Even though the fish didn't quite co-operate with our hopes that day we still managed to have a blast and snag some good eatin fish! I highly recommend Coletta Sport Fishing to anyone is looking for a professional and great sport fishing experience! --- Keith D.
We had an amazing experience with Coletta Sport Fishing and crew with Captain Murphy and deckhand Scott. The customer service was top notch from start to finish. Chris Coletta was very responsive and easily reachable to set up all the details of the trip. Captain Murphy and Scott made it their mission to ensure we caught fish and help teach us the ropes of tuna fishing. Would highly recommend using Coletta Sport Fishing for anyone who wants a more personalized fishing experience. We will be back. --- Julian S.
Captain John and his deck hand's Matt and Adam were the real reason we caught a half dozen rock fish, a barracuda and a big yellowtail. These guys were attentive, courteous and very helpful the entire time. We definitely recommend Coletta Sportfishing to anyone who wants an experienced team to lead the way. Thanks a million and see you all again soon! --- Jesse F.
I called Chris Coletta several days ago - he promptly responded - last minute trip and he had availability - awesome! Communication was phenomenal, especially since we are from Las Vegas, familiar with San Diego, but not comfortable. We were to meet Capt. Jon at the dock. We were running late - traffic due to motorcycle accident, already had his direct number - no problem. Made it to the market, got our license for 3 adults in record time. Capt. Jon met us at the store, boarded with his and (Australian) Scott's help and were under way. Quick safety briefing and 20 minutes later - we are on the fish. We had a beautiful day - what a blessing! My sons - 19, 9, and 9 - were made to feel at home - John and Scott went out of their way to ensure this, and even Aiden (the non-fisherman) had a blast!!! We did 3/4 day trip - rockfish and a whole hearted attempt at Yellowtail (not today, but early in the season). We caught 19 keepers and about as many - if not more - that we had to throw back due to regulations set in place to ensure a sustainable harvest for the future of this sport. Jon is very knowledgable, having fished these waters since her was a kid - his brother is also a fishing boat Captain with Coletta sports fishing. He jumped out of the flying deck and was assisting with the 5 of us at all times. He was personable, funny, and his knowledge was unsurpassed - I have fished up and down the west and east coast my whole life and have not met a Captain like him. Scott - recently married - from Australia - was PHENOMENAL! He single handly tamed my twins, and assisted my wife (she liked this!). He was friendly, personable, and his knowledge of the fish and the sea makes me believe he will be a Captain here soon - and although I did not ask, I'm sure he was a Captain in Australia or on his way to be one. We accidentally hooked a seagul, it flew into the air, he turned to my son and asked "do you want to fly him?" Now at the time it was very funny, he and I quickly retrieved and caught the bird, and aside from a bite on my hand - no person, or bird appeared hurt. Also, beside from fishing, they spotted a Pod of Porpoise chasing fish, Captain Jon and Scott deviated from there course and - keeping a safe distance - got us within a reasonable viewing distance so we might enjoy this wonderful sight. Finally, at the end of the day, after I asked to return early - as my eldest twin was developing cabin fever even though we were outside I the deck getting a nice TAN under the gorgeous, yet mild San Diego sun - we spent the run back in - after Scott expertly filleted out countless number of fish -Rock fish - Multiple species that I can not recall at this time -, Barber Pole Fish, and keeper Ling COD - we spent this time tossing left over bait fish to the Seagulls whom actually flew down and took the Sardines directly from our hands! I can not recommend these people enough and will welcome anyone who would like to contact us for more information thru my google email. Thank you Captain John, Scott, and Captain Chris for a wonderful start to our vacation and a fantastic day of fishing. --- Charles W.
Chris and the entire team at Coletta sport fishing gave us a first class deep see fishing experience. We did a half day trip and stayed relatively close to the coast. Caught many lingcod and a very nice halibut. It was an overcast day and the crew knew all the spots to ensure we had good action. They filleted the fish for us on the way back, and super friendly and nice the whole trip. Great experience and would definitely recommend and go back myself. --- Erik S.
Had a great fishing trip. Even before we arrived captain Chris was very fast at answering all my email questions. He even took the time to call me before our trip to answer any questions and gave me great advise about weather for our trip and followed up with text message, so I could refer back. As for the trip itself, it was AWESOME. My friends and I are from Las Vegas and haven't done much deep sea fishing. Captain Brian and deck hand scott were awesome. They met us at the dock and helped us with our stuff to load onto the boat. We were running a few minutes behind and needed to get a few things from the store and we were never rushed.. Once on the boat they went over safety rules and we were on our way. Some of us were new to fishing and worried about changing bait and stuff like that.. Brain and Scott took care of everything we needed all day long.. My friends and I got to relax and enjoy ourselves. When we got bites on our poles they were right there to help us bring in the massive halibut that we had snagged.. Everything went smooth. Nice and calm and answered any questions we had. Everything was customer first.. Plus they were cool to hangout with. We will defiantly be going back to Coletta sports fishing again and again.. Thanks again captain Chris and everyone for an awesome trip --- Chris P.
My wife and I were searching for a place to go fishing on our trip to San Diego from New Hampshire. We were meeting the kids and our 2 year old grandson that we driving from DM in Tuscon. Coletta was an appealing choice amoung the droves of charters. We were not disappointed! Chris was in constant contact with my wife on schedule and all details. We were scheduled for Wednesday morning charter and got a text from Chris and allowing us to reschedule to Friday due to rough conditions. What a treat! Imagine, someone still cares about making a customer feel important. How refreshing. Capt. Murph had us for the day and put us on fish in rough conditions. We battled a little with the sea lions, but had a great time. Great boat, great crew, and great memories for all. Except we all hated that Tyler our 13 year old showed us up! Highly recommended you give Coletta Sportfishing a call! You won't be disappointed. Tight lines! Marc --- Marc
AWESOME experience! The guys were knowledgeable and willing to help the newbies. Nice boat and equipment. Already planning our next trip! --- Tom
Coletta Sport Fishing is a fantastic group to take you out and fish. We had a great time and can't wait to plan our next trip with them Captain Brian and Matt were outstanding. --- David
Great fishing experience! Chris was awesome and so was the crew! Looking forward to the next trip! --- Sal P.
Captain Chris kept us informed regularly up to a week prior to the trip. We had a weather change that made it a good idea to change out trip date, which we were happy to do in order to take this trip of a lifetime. Thanks for the flexibility!

Captain Murphy and Mat were our crew for our 5.5 hour trip. It was tough fishing with A LOT of boats out but Captain Murphy eventually moved us to rock fishing, where things were more lively. We sure did appreciate their efforts to get us on the fish and the investment Captain Murphy showed in getting us fish was very genuine. I chose Coletta Sportfishing based on the reviews and am happy to add one more rating for them. We ended up with a sculpin, a bocacchio and a ling cod. One other ling cod caught, also, but just a bit shy of keeping size. :)

Thanks again to everyone at Coletta Sportfishing!

Visited March 2016
--- Missey
My son and I live and fish in Florida all the time, but we had never fished in the Pacific. We wanted to do a charter on our family vacation to SoCal in November. We searched online and read all the reviews about Captain Chris and liked what we heard. We were not disappointed. Captain Chris and Matt were both nice, professional, and laid back. We were well past the prime fishing season, but Captain Chris put us on four different spots only a few miles offshore where we pulled up a variety of Rockfish. I think we kept about 7 and threw back another 30 or so. The boat was great and the equipment was in great shape. We had more than enough live bait. We're definitely going to charter with Captain Chris next summer when the tuna are around.

Visited November 2015
--- Steve W.
What an awesome experience we had with Captain Chris and Mat w/ Coletta Sport fishing. These guys are very knowledgeable and never gave up, changing lures and bait until we found the right one for the day. They have an eye for spotting kelp patties. I, along with 3 friends knocked them dead w/ 12 (25+ pounders) dorado and 10 yellow tail. Not a bad of fishing in October.

This is a very clean boat and their gear is in excellent condition. Chris and Mat are really cool guys. They made it a day to remember. We can't wait for our next trip.
--- Troy G.
We had a great day of fishing with Chris and his deck hand Matt. They made the entire experience a day to remember. We will definitely be fishing with Coletta Sports Fishing again!!! --- Bob M
Our trip to San Diego really started with this fishing trip. We wanted to visit our son who lives in LA but did not want to go there. San Diego it was. My husband had a bucket list item to do some sport fishing in the Pacific. Coletta Sport Fishing fit the bill. Chris was very nice to work with and most accommodating. Both my husband and son really enjoyed themselves that day, plus came home with about 50 pounds of tuna. Very cool.

So thanks again Chris. I would recommend you to anyone looking to sport fish in San Diego...

Visited August 2015
--- Debbie T
Some of the guys suggested we go do some Tuna fishing in San Diego to celebrate the fact my cancer was in remission. While I've never Tuna fished I had deep sea fished in Alaska while living there. Knowing there are no guarantees when fishing I looked for a boat that seemed to have a personable captain. One that was was knowledgeable and took pride in his boat and customers. I also knew I just wanted a boat big enough for our guys. The bigger boats to me are like combat fishing and you seem to always get the one or two people that have no manners and drink too much.

I called Capt. Chris and he called me back. I knew he was different when I talked to him because when I told him what I was looking for he told me when the best time to come was. A lot of Capt's would have said just come out at their earliest convenience because that's how they make money.

Capt. Chris can take up to 5 comfortably. He and his mate will help you as much as you want it. Heck they even jumped down put lines in the water and hooked a few for our guys to reel in. We did the 3/4 day and got 8 yellow fin 15-40 pounds, and saw a Hammerhead. I've caught Halibut that didn't fight as hard as some of those yellow fin.

Bottom line there are no guarantees but if you want a guy that knows his stuff, treats you good, tries hard, and has a nice big clean deck to fish off, this is the Capt. and crew you want.

Not only will I be back in September, I know I have a friend for life.
--- Curtis W
My three adult boys and I had always wanted to take a fishing trip, and when the opportunity finally came for all of us to get together I wanted to make sure we had the best possible experience. I had searched through numerous companies for our fishing expedition, but the reviews were mixed. When I finally found Coletta Sportfishing the testimonials prompted me to call Captain Chris. I'm so very grateful I did! We knew very little about the process, but Captain Chris Coletta was fantastic. He was extremely helpful, professional, and made sure I had all the info I needed to plan the trip. ...and our 3/4 day trip was all I had hoped for and more. Captain Chris was a true delight, and a man of integrity. He and his mate made sure my boys and I had poles in the water when the fish were biting. He knew where to find the fish, and we were straining to pull in Dorado and Yellow Tail left and right. If was absolutely fantastic. Captain Chris and his mate patiently coached us on how to use the equipment, assisted us at every turn, and I could tell they truly cared about the experience we were having. I honestly can't say enough good things about our time on the Wanu with Captain Chris. So...if you're searching for the right place to book your trip as I was...this is it, and I can absolutely recommend Captain Chris without hesitation. My boys and I want to make this an annual event...and will absolutely pick Captain Chris again!

Visited July 2015
--- Steve T
We brought our 2 children with us on a 3/4 day charter! Captain Chris put us on the fish! My family was comfortable aboard the "Wanu"! Both Captain Chris and Matt were great with both of my kids, including my 3 year old son! They were patient with them and helped them bring in 20-30 pound yellow fin tuna!!!! This was definitely the highlight of our trip to San Diego! When we come back, we will fish again with Coletta Sportfishing!
Cherie L
My family fished with Capt. Chris Coletta aboard the 32' Wanu. Capt. Chris is the consummate professional and runs a first class operation. I have fished throughout Central America (Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala), the Bahamas, the Florida Keys, and up and down the Eastern shores of the U.S. From my experience, I strongly recommend Capt. Chris as a world class angler, captain and individual. He is among the best captains, bar none, with whom I have fished. He is in regular communication with you leading up to the trip, advising on weather, fishing reports, etc. so that you come to the boat with a clear understanding of the trip ahead of you. We targeted yellowtail and bluefin on the kelp paddies on a 3/4 day charter and Capt. Chris delivered. Success on both targeted species. He quickly assessed the skill of the anglers in the group and gave exactly the right amount of oversight for the circumstances. The Wanu is rigged for the fishery and provides an ideal cockpit for setting out a spread and fighting big fish. Capt. Chris' equipment is top notch -- by this, I mean the best equipment available. I came back from the expedition and upon my return to NY, compiled my wish list of gear based on his equipment. Accurate Spinning reels, Shimano Talica two speeds and Phenix hybrid rods -- totally awesome gear. I really can't say enough about Capt. Chris and anxiously look forward to another west coast trip to catch 'em up with Chris. --- Andrea T
Captain Chris Coletta and First Mate Matt are truly an excellent team aboard the mighty Fishing Vessel “Wanu!”We booked this Charter as part of our Enrichment experience for a group of Warriors. Captain Chris and I spoke several times prior to the fishing day to include him updating me on how his recent fishing excursions, the weather predictability, start time, fishing areas, etc. All Along, I knew that this was going to be a great experience and that Captain Chris and Matt would do everything they could do to put several fish on board the boat. From the first conversation I had with Chris to the departing after the end of a day at sea I knew I was in great hands with a person who takes great pride in providing once in a lifetime (hopefully more) fishing opportunities, but most importantly I knew that Chris would do all he could to make it a SAFE and enjoyable trip, and we would catch a few fish along the way.

When it comes to selecting a boat charter and going out 25 plus miles off shore into the ocean the most important thing is competency of the Captain and his crew, it’s not putting you on the fish. I completely trusted that Chris and Matt would do everything they can to make sure the boat made it back to the dock at the end of the day of fishing, which it did. For me and the people I take out on experiences the most important thing is the people we are with and our safety.

I am sure you could find a cheaper boat to charter, but in the event of bad weather, whales/ sharks, etc who do you want at the helm? A man who has 35 plus years’ experience or someone who is cheapest charter in San Diego. Chris Coletta is the finest Fishing Boat Charter Captain in San Diego. I will fish with Chris Coletta and Coletta Sportfishing in the future.
--- Ben Bateman
After all the years I'd lived in San Diego, I'd never gone out fishing on a charter boat- mostly because I never had the desire to go out on a big deck cattleboat to bottom fish, or spend the ton of money required to take out a smaller charter. Fast forward to just a couple days ago-my best friend's last wish as a single man was to go out deep sea fishing in San Diego, and we had to oblige. We researched and talked with just about every charter operation in town and couldn't have been more thrilled with Captain Chris and his immaculate boat, Wanu.

Talk about full service! He arranged all of our licensing for both US and Mexican waters - we didn't have to worry about a thing except showing up at the dock - all for a really reasonable fee.

I've been out on charter boats before, and the Wanu is a beautifully maintained 34 footer with basically every top-of-the-line navigational, safety and fish finding apparatus available, and brand new tackle for every possible situation, which doesn't mean much unless you have a Captain and crew who knows how to use all of it. Chris and his boathand Matt definitely knew their stuff!

We went out for a full day to the Coronados after yellowtail. We pulled in 3 trophy fish while other charter boats watched with nary a bowed rod. Seals and sea lions went home with a lot of the bottom fish we hooked into while the tide was changing, but we went home with enough filets to keep our freezers stocked for months and some great pictures to boot.

If you're looking for a less crowded and a lot more personal experience with a captain who knows how to to get you on the fish, Chris Coletta is your guy! Thanks Chris!

Pro tip: If you want to catch fish, listen to the pros on the boat.

Visited April 2015
--- Ortho Bass
Chris & Matt, We had an absolute fabulous time out on the Wanu with you two! It was an exhilerating experience. Thank you so much for getting us on fish so quickly and getting those limits. You both really put forth some hard work making it so easy and fun. We hope to see you guys soon in the future! Again thank you so much. And "Butt Hoooook" --- Robert Gonzales
Awesome experience with Chris. Super laid back but conscientious. Really made our day fun. Can't recommend highly enough. --- Jeramy Ragsdale
My buddy invited me along for some fishing for his birthday so of course I agreed. From the get go Chris and Matt were great hosts. They informed us about what we could expect to catch, told stories, and BSd with us. It was very apparently that fishing is a passion of theirs and they were very helpful. We caught close to 20 fish in a half day trip and had one hell of a time! Thanks Chris and Matt. --- -Matt from Montana
What a wonderful five star birthday celebration I had aboard Captain Chris Coletta’s beautiful boat, Wanu!! The weather was San Diego perfect with sunny clear skies and 74- degree temperature. Although I hadn’t been out on a boat for many years, I felt totally safe with Captain Chris at the helm as he adroitly steered the boat out to where we could view dolphins and whales. His deckhand Matt made sure we were comfortable and well-positioned for viewing. My dear friend Marsha and I celebrated the day with wine and snacks and swapped tales of pirate lore. We also enjoyed seeing some of the bottom fish Chris caught like sculpin, before he released them back into the ocean. Being out on the open water was so therapeutic for mind, body and soul as the fresh air and breeze blew away our worries and opened new possibilities for the future. I highly recommend Captain Chris Coletta’s Ocean Excursions—they are the best in every way. Thank you so much for a lovely day away!!!!! --- Dr. Shanti Mayberry HHP, Ph.D
Happy Fishergals
A great birthday trip with Captain Chris and deckhand Matt. Like a 5-star restaurant where the servers are there at all the right times and move about almost invisibly the rest of the time to make your experience intimate. It was a most beautiful day on February 7th…sunny and just the right temperature. Whales and dolphins were sighted and some bottom fish caught. We thought it so sweet when Captain Chris delicately returned a baby rock fish back to its habitat. Aside from the fishing, we valued the time spent clearing our minds and luxuriated in no thought – in this day and age that’s a well sought after commodity as well as our next trip on the pristine Wanu!
--- M.Bakko
Captain Chris is a great skipper. It was a lot of fun catching tuna and yellowtail. Chris even let me jump in the water with my snorkel gear and speargun. I speared a yellowtail, and that really topped off a great trip. Very professional and knowledgeable. Deckhand Matt was very attentive and cleaned all our fish real good . Thanks for a great trip , you earned a repeat customer.
FIVE STARS..........
--- Warren Boatwright
Hi Chris,
I just wanted to tell you that you run a quality operation! You and Matt were very personable and worked hard to get us on fish on a day that was anything but fishy. I will always remember the quality Dorado I landed on your boat, what a show, never seen anything like that before.
Please tell Matt that I appreciate his handy work with a knife, my fillets were outstanding. That’s not something you find much on charter and party boats. Great trip, great operation.

Thank you,
--- Jim Jameson
Captain Chris and Matt were fantastic to fish with. They worked hard to find fish and helped me to be successful in catching them, the poles and equipment is in good repair and of good quality, the boat is comfortable, safe and very workman like. Their safety training and precautions are thorough and top notch. Both have a good sense of humor and low key encouraging personalities; they are a pleasure to fish with and I'm looking forward to my next trip. Because of them I caught lots of fish and had a great time!

Thanks for a great birthday you guys!
--- Debbie Gomez
Captain Chris Just wanted to say thanks for putting the trust back in our hearts for showing me and my family that there still is out there a quality Captain that really takes great pride in what he does. After the experience we had last year on another charter boat I was very skeptical this time around. Your skills are second to none and your boat is impeccably maintained. Thanks again. --- Tom Ladden
Chris “Outstanding” work on getting us on those Yellow Tails. Still do not know how you find the kelp patties so easily. Would you believe I am still cleaning and packing the fish we caught. See you in a few weeks. --- Paul Rogars
Chris I have fished all over the world and very rarely have I crossed paths with a Captain that is as knowledgeable and so concerned with passenger safety while on board as you. I am being honest when I say you and the service you offer should be the benchmark other fishing charter company’s use. Thanks again for an amazing day on the water. --- Bob Simpson
Hi Chris I just want to tell you again thanks for the fishing trip of a lifetime. The quality of the blue fin we caught was outstanding. Biggest one was almost 70lbs. I will always remember that trip. --- Charles May
Captain Chris and Matt we can’t thank you enough for taking the time and showing my family what San Diego offshore fishing can really can be like. This was our first time in the San Diego area. We really did our homework before we came to San Diego and called around to a few fishing landings in your area. Your name constantly came up as one of best Charter services in the area. After talking with you I quickly realized you were the real deal and scheduled the trip. Thanks again for every thing and see you next month. --- Jack Bacster & family
Thanks you guys for getting us on some quality yellow tail. My wife and I have never caught so many yellow tails in our life. Your knowledge and professionalism clearly shines thru. --- Tom Russell
Just a quick not to say you guys are fantastic fisherman and I really enjoyed fishing with you both. Your boat the Wanu really is a fisherman’s dream, huge back deck to fish on and a very comfortable galley. Thanks again and see you both soon. --- Bob
We just got back home after our 3 day trip to San Diego and I had to share our amazing experience with Captain Chris. First, we booked another charter company on Friday and it was an absolute disaster. The Captain was grump and the boat was a mess from a previous trip. We didn't catch anything and the captain didn't seem to even care and just said "That's Fishing!" Luckily, my sons booked Captain Chris for Saturday and Sunday and I joined them. What a totally different experience! Chris worked was friendly and his boat/gear were in great shape. He actually worked his butt off the entire trip to ensure we caught fish and catch fish we did! If you are looking to fish with a captain in San Diego, do your research. A lot of the guides there are part-time and don't really care about customers. Captain Chris is a full time charter boat and fishes daily and loves his job and it shows. --- Evan Margolis
Captain Chris is the best charter captain in San Diego, PERIOD! If you want to catch trophy yellowfin, mahi and more you need to experience sportfishing with the Coletta team. I took my 3 sons and our arms were sore from all the fish we caught that day. I will be booking again next year. --- Terry Richards
If you are looking for a Captain with knowledge second to known, a crew that really pays attention to every detail and a boat that truly is amazing look no further. Thanks again Captain Chris and crew for an outstanding day on the water. See you folks again in a few weeks. --- Joesph Newhouse
Another amazing fishing trip with the Coletta Sportfishing Team. I can not "Thank You" enough for the quality of service you offer. Be back to fish again next month OUTSTANDING. --- Tom Pitt