I reached out to Chris at Coletta Sport Fishing to see what trips he might have available on short notice and what fish may be running. Chris was very personable, offered me some times of open and recently rescheduled trips and described the conditions. He said we could fish for rock fish and other bottom dwellers, or Tuna was running, a little further out, no guarantee to catch one (nor did I expect a guarantee), but the better target for real fishing was the Tuna. My son and I showed up for the morning for a 1/2 day trip, The Captain Brian, told us the same thing, and off we went for Tuna off San Diego. About 1 hour out with Brian’s watchful eye and binoculars he spotted a school/swarm of Tuna, and with their help we got hooks in the water quickly and nailed a small yellow fin. Then they moved away, we kept on their trail, by the end of the 1/2 day we had caught 8 Tuna, 7, blue fin, one yellow fin, over 200 pounds of fish. It was a great time. Excellent service, and I highly recommend Coleta and Chris