Looking for a top rated charter for my son-in law’s birthday and his first fish. Didn’t want to chance another party boat which we have already tried with no luck and lots of tangled lines. After fishing all over the mainland US and Hawaii for 50+ years I recently moved to San Diego so I wanted to find someone interested in repeat business as well. Coletta ratings were very good, reviews were as well. I called and left a message for Chris before booking, he called me back within 10 minutes and asked me all kinds of questions about my fishing experience and expectations, not just about my credit card numbers. He set us up for a 3/4 day local on the Wanu with Capt. Hale and mate Nick. Hale and Nick both grew up locally, were impressive in their fishing knowledge and fun to fish with. As soon as we would reach a spot they both worked to setup our lines and kept us engaged with tips, tricks and local info. We were on fish on the first drift! Over the course of the day we caught 21 rockfish + Mako and had a heck of a time! We are already planning for an off-shore trip. Chris & his team lived up to the “top rated” reviews, book early!