What a fantastic day we had with Coletta Sport Fishing. Capt. Jon and First Mate Hale clearly wanted to give us a satisfying fishing adventure, but with Military personnel onboard, we were reluctant to hit Mexican waters. Undaunted, the Crew worked their tails off to find fish! They were constantly scanning with binoculars, seeking intel from their well-developed stash of seafaring cronies, and reading the fish finder gizmos on this well-equipped vessel. Again and again we stopped at the kelp beds that litter the coastline and hit fish! It only got better on the way in when we found a school of hungry Yellow Tail. The crew truly enjoys what they do! We stayed out an additional hour and a half as we doubled our morning take and filled the bag. True fishermen, Brian and Hale couldn’t find it in themselves to quit when the catching was so good! Should you be interested in a kid-friendly boat, it was noteworthy that no F-Bombs we heard the whole day; the crew was not opposed to helping bait hooks and untangle little mess ups; and, fist-bumps and photos abounded. What a memorable time we had! Thank you Chris, Jon, and Hale! Oh, did I mention, 35 Pound Yellow Tail!!!