El Nino is Here and He brought the fish with him! Water temps are righteous now for some awesome fishing.

Quality Yellowfin and Bluefin Tunas, Yellow Tail and some Dorado started showing up for the party on all the major banks in the San Diego and Mexican waters, due to the El Nino conditions, and Coletta Sportfishing Charters has your All Access Pass to get you past the “velvet ropes.”

Trolling with certain feather size and color (especially the blue & white color) combinations is producing big fish around the dolphin and porpoise pods. Some trophy fish are coming off kelp patties as well on live bait.

The average Yellowfin/Bluefin weight has been in the 20 lb with a few close to 50lbs. Yellow tails are ranging from 6lb to 30lbs. Epic fishing!

If the offshore scene slows down we have no problem targeting Rock Fish and Calico Bass in the kelps.

Call or email now our dates are filling up! If you want to see way they put heavy drags on reels lets go fishing.